Tooling options

The mould tool is the lifeblood of accurate and successful composite components. Whether you need a low cost ambient temperature E glass polyester, a robust high volume RTML or a engineered heated carbon fibre mould tool suitable for production of carbon fibre moulding, we have the range of tooling technologies and materials knowledge to fulfill your requirements.

Complex moulding facilities

Norco has manufactured and developed thousands of moulds for all industries. Our experience is grounded within the manufacture, development and handling of large mould tools; this is backed up by utilisation of a 36.5 metre 5 axis CNC machine which allows us to cut massive single piece patterns and direct moulds to within 0.5mm tolerances. Complex and higher temperature moulds are designed using FEA to ensure CTE factors and overall construction and framing ensure the best possible results.

3D surface mapping

Some of our more complex carbon epoxy moulds have undergone extensive 3D surface mapping at every stage to ensure we meet or exceed tolerances that are within tenths of millimeters. This level of development and quality control has ensured we have extensive knowledge of the factors effecting precision tooling development and production. This technology and focus allows us to tailor moulds and tooling exactly to your projects requirements and to suit all component sizes & budgets.

Direct Tooling

For limited run components where budget & timescales are tight or for prototyping components, direct tooling is a viable option. Providing the tool is not limited by draw angles Norco regularly produce direct tools for limited run projects.

High temperature tooling for Prepreg processing

For the higher temperature processing of prepreg materials, Norco manufacture tooling to suit the end use application & temperature.

This could be a carbon fibre or glass mould to match the CTE of the carbon fibre moulding being produced. Direct tooling is also an option for cost effective low temperature prepreg processing.

If you require a mould tool for your composite component, contact our expert team for advice and guidance.