We shape innovative design

Our sister company mouldCAM gives us access to the latest technology in 5 Axis CNC Milling for making patterns and moulds. With the most advanced 5 axis CNC router located in our purpose built site in Poole we are able to make patterns and moulds and provide a composite machining service for your projects utilising highly accurate 5 axis CNC machining.

If you require a pattern or mould for your project contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Large scale and extreme tolerances

Our machine in Poole has a huge working envelope of 36.5m (X) x 6m (y) X 3m (z) and the ability to cut patterns or moulds up to 34m in length in one pass which means greater accuracy, control and less joins in sections which in turn will deliver fast, true and higher quality finished tools and products. The stability of our CMS Poseidon machine means we can achieve extreme tolerances and be accurate to 0.25mm on precision parts and 0.5mm over larger structures.

We can offer advice on various substrates depending on suitability for production and or budget and these can include but are not limited to; MDF, Composites, Plywood, Polystyrene, Polyurethane and Epoxy foams, pastes and modelling boards.

We ensure your product gets to market sooner

The utilisation of CNC milling allows improved quality through precision manufacture, whilst allowing fast & efficient tooling production to keep you ahead of the competition. CNC allows you the cutting edge in way of realising your new products sooner and shortening the time it takes to get your product to market while boosting confidence in its accuracy. Additionally there really are no limits to size other than the practical logistics of transportation. CNC allows flexibility to provide custom solutions to any problem, and allows a return on your investment sooner!

ISO9001 quality assurance

Norco and mouldCAM are accredited ISO9001 companies so you can have confidence that rigorous quality control checks and stage inspections will be made during the production of your pattern and moulds and we actively support and encourage the utilisation of CMM scanning to further validate our work. We also perform physical checking, simulation and verification of the cutting of your part prior to manufacture. Precision male and female moulds of any size can be swiftly produced as masters in vinylester or polyester, and more advanced finishes if required for high-temperature applications. We can produce direct female CNC moulds and master moulds for high-level production runs. Integration of scribes for any type of fixing is included and guaranteed to be accurate while saving you time in production and assembly of final product. Vacuum capable direct tooling and post curing of patterns and moulds are part of our evolution into ensuring you we offer latest procedures and technologies.

In-house design, modelling and engineering

Our in house design and CAD modelling team can provide model generation, design modification in 3D, 2D drafting and extrapolation with output from all major CAD and modelling software. With reverse engineering we can translate an existing physical object, no matter how complex a form, into full 3D CAD-ready files using digital surface scanning and Faro arm measurement to create the file for your next generation model, or a precise clone of your prototype. The team are also able to design, manufacture and provide FEA on steel structures and supports as well as defining laminates and performing laminate analysis of your tooling to give you confidence prior to construction and eventual manufacture of part.

Typical areas of use

  • Large composite pattern & direct mould production.
  • Stage and set models and contoured scenery.
  • Scale & full size models & visualisations for all industries.
  • Architectural & construction formwork & patterns.
  • Construction shuttering, trough & waffle moulds.
  • Large sculptures & artworks.
  • Complex jigs & fixtures.
  • Large casting formers.