Norco has been operating a dedicated RTM Light (Resin Transfer Moulding using Lightweight tooling) department for over 8 years. RTML offers many advantages over similar composite processes such as improved consistency, matched A and B surface finishes or differing colours and finishes to both sides, tight control of finished dimensions, and rapid part production rates from a single mould -multiple parts can be produced from a one tool in a single cycle.

Other benefits allow threaded inserts and embedded hardware to be seamlessly and accurately implanted within the moulded part prior to processing; reducing the requirement for secondary operations.

RTM Light environmentally assists by vastly reducing VOC emissions. Subsequent parts are also produced with virtually no waste and require very little secondary processing. In comparison to full RTM Tooling, DMC and SMC; RTML offers tuned injection moulding but with extremely low tooling and set up costs.

You will be surprised at what can be achieved! Get in touch with us today to find out.