Adding the finishing touches…

Norco’s spray shop can provide any wet spray coating. We paint all types of material with our real focus on finishing composite components. Our low bake oven is suitable for items up to 7m x 4m x 2m with larger structures such as hull patterns catered for by mobile tenting & extraction.

Flexibility & quality

All our customers have individual requirements from paint finishes, batches of work or single jobs are each tailored to suit their needs. Paint finishes we currently offer customers include:

High gloss & Matte paint finishes to any RAL colour
Soft feel coatings
Metallic & Pearlescent coatings
Graphite coatings
Leather effect coatings
Clear coat systems

Carbon Fibre Finishing

As an experienced fibreglass moulding company and specialists in Composite Construction we have also developed what we would regard as being the highest quality clear coat system for composite construction. In terms of pure gloss level & UV stability our clear coat system is unparalleled in offering the ultimate high class finish for carbon fibre moulding made in our prepreg facility.

Large Pattern Spray Coating

We also specialise in the spray application of pattern surfacing products in polyester and vinyl ester to give the highest possible quality for our mould production team.

If you want to ensure your product has the best possible finish get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.