Balancing design, specifications, technology and cost

The development and manufacture of modern composite structures is extremely complex; balancing design, specifications, technology and cost. Norco’s extensive knowledge and understanding of this industry enables us to look at new methods within our composites manufacturing processes to provide composite components that are stronger & lighter yet remaining cost effective.

Composite materials are significantly superior to conventional materials in strength-to weight ratio; one of the most important requirements of aerospace & defence related structures. Successful composite designs provide design flexibility, lightweight parts allowing ease of fabrication and installation. Criteria such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high fatigue strength & simplicity are all qualities that composites offer over and above metal fabricated structures with the same dimensions.

Composites and their manufacturing processes can be tailored specifically to given design constraints. The superior physical properties of composites allow for design with minimum concern for dimensional stability and crack formation. While it is possible to tailor the properties of a composite structure to minimize problems in these areas, it is imperative that this be taken into consideration during the design process.

Our services include research & development, CNC master patterns, mould tooling through to component manufacture. Engineering, FEA and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) although not in house services can be undertaken to ensure Norco offers a complete managed customer package.

Satellite Communication

Norco continues to serve the satellite communications industry. Improvements in composite satellite technology through weight saving and performance has revolutionised a generation, by the sheer speed in which mobile communications and video can now be exchanged. Norco is a composites manufacturer of choice to the satellite communications industry; manufacturing complex composite components for the most demanding environments commonly experienced by satellite & telecommunications equipment in both civil & defence situations. These high performance carbon fibre components offer improved reflectivity, whilst providing greater opportunities for weight saving and surface control.

Due to a large percentage of our work being governed by strict client confidentiality clauses, the scope of our recent case studies in these fields is inevitably restricted.