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NORCO’s Green Credentials Shine Through with Green PEA

NORCO - March 2, 2016 - 0 comments

NORCO’s Green Credentials Shine Through with Green PEA

Poole-based NORCO GRP Ltd has recently become a member of the energy scheme Green PEA and invested heavily in green technologies to lower its carbon footprint and reduce its energy bills.

The biggest change for NORCO has been in replacing all its lighting in 3 buildings with energy-efficient LED lighting. This is calculated to save NORCO in excess of £39,000 over 5 years on its lighting bill, and reduce its CO2 emissions by 180 tonnes. In addition the workforce has already reported a significant improvement in lighting levels, enabling them to undertake tasks more efficiently and accurately.

NORCO has also undertaken a compressed air leaks survey, identifying several leaks that were costing the business nearly £4,000 per annum, and will be replacing a boiler in their main office building. The company has an energy management system in two of its buildings that monitor and regulate temperature throughout without the need for manual intervention and it has destratification fans fitted to recirculate hot air away from the top of the warehouses. Finally, via Green PEA delivery partners, NORCO is reviewing its current energy contracts and looking at improving its telecoms and mobile telephone contracts.

Mark Northey, Managing Director of NORCO, commented:

“We were introduced to Green PEA a few months ago, and we have already made some significant steps forward with our green technologies. We fully accept that manufacturing composites is inherently not the most environmentally-friendly activity, so anything we can do to offset this is very welcome. The Green PEA delivery partners we have used have been very helpful and we are very keen to continue supporting the scheme in the future.”

Green PEA is a certification scheme established in Poole, to help companies and other organisations reduce their energy bills and lower their carbon footprints. The scheme is free for organisations to join and provides an energy audit and recommendations as to how members can ‘go green’. With a Green PEA scheme also operating in Christchurch, the potential exists for many more Local Authorities to set up GP schemes with support from the Poole team. Paul Cooling, Green PEA Chairman, comments:

“With companies such as NORCO GRP, Green PEA is ideal as it provides access to a wide range of different technologies all under the one roof. We have been able to help NORCO manage the process and bring in experts to look at all the different areas of their business where savings could be made.”

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