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Princess Yacht Canopy Success

NORCO - March 8, 2018 - 0 comments

Princess Yacht Canopy Success

At the start of 2017 we began working with Princess Yachts to manufacturer Canopies for their V40 and V50 crafts. The immediate challenge was the high demand and short lead times. Our Project Engineering team got straight to work collating information and creating bill of materials, quality controlled drawings, lay up books, clear work instructions for finishing and full paint specifications.

Over the last 10 months each client process has now been adopted to our processes and importantly clarified. We now have seamless stream of products from lamination, finishing through to the paint shop.

The new workflow has put us in a position of delivering 6 canopies per month, which has given the business confidence to expand our spray facility. This is a truly amazing effort considering the challenges at the beginning of the project.

This month we have finished two canopies in time for a pair to be transported together. This is a culmination of the 3 in house departments working closely together and we are grateful for the effort of all members of the teams, as it clearly shows their skills & commitment to overcome challenges and work smarter to achieve on time delivery targets.

Key people by department:

Supervisor: James Witt / supported by Chris Emm, Paul Field, Jason Elcock and team

Supervisor: Wayne McCrea /  supported by Richard Doyle and team

Paint spray
Manager: Chris Wood and supported by his whole team

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