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Flight Simulator 50th Milestone

NORCO - May 23, 2018 - 0 comments

Flight Simulator 50th Milestone
Our first completed RealitySeven full flight simulator was delivered to L3 Technologies back in March 2013 and we are proud to be celebrating the completion of the 50th article.

The simulator has been the main constant at Site D since the building was first built in 2012 and remains an essential part of the composites business here at NORCO. Many of our staff and particular new starters have cut their teeth working on the project. The specialised manufacture process includes Prepreg, Resin Infusion, Hand layup & accurate assembly.

The successful manufacture of the L3 flight simulator has been a team effort. However, a special mention goes to Dan Rosenthal who has been involved in the final assembly since the 9th simulator. Every single article is checked by Dan for radial accuracy as part of our quality deliverable, the customer tolerances dictate that it has to be within ±3mm over the entire circumference. Due to Dan’s diligence, he regularly achieves ±2mm.

The delivery of the 50th flight simulator is a key milestone for us at NORCO and showcases the dedication & consistent accuracy of our composites team. L3 are delighted with our performance since the advent of the contract and see us as a key player in their supply chain for years to come.

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