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New Brand – New Identity

NORCO - May 24, 2018 - 0 comments

New Brand - New Identity

There comes a time when a new approach is required and we felt our branding needed an update to reflect the diversification of the markets we serve and to stay fresh & modern. We have been using our previous waves logo for the last 16 years.

Inspired by the lines of the old logo, we have developed a unique symbol that represents a dynamic structure. With impact and visual strength, the new logo is distinctive and a strong starting point to establish our new identity.

The new NORCO logo combines two parts: three layers that overlap each other and two “wavy” endings that embrace those layers – inspired by the lines of the original logo. The symbol represents the professionalism of the company and incorporates the feel of the wide range of sectors that the business services.

For the future at NORCO, we will maintain our focus in the Marine sector while continuing to grow and develop into the markets of Defence, Aerospace, Automotive and Communications.

We will be unrolling our new branding throughout all our communications channels in the following months.

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