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First Production Workboat Delivered

NORCO - October 23, 2018 - 0 comments

First Production Atlas Workboat Crane

The first production hull & deck of a 11m SEA Class workboat left our facility for AEUK (Atlas Elektonik). This is a significant milestone from our team, who have made great efforts to ensure the first of 17 workboats was delivered to the client’s specification.

After a thorough inspection by AEUK, the client deemed the article to meet their required standards. Furthermore, they commented on the efficient management and diligent workmanship at NORCO, which exceeded their exceptions.

The SEA Class range of workboats from AEUK has been developed in response to industry demand for safe, reliable and flexible boats that can be rapidly reconfigured for a number of different naval operational roles.

The workboat is an evolution of AEUK’s existing hull-form with highly configurable, modular payloads for roles such as diving, officer training, hydrography and passenger transport. The workboat is equally well suited for roles such as mine counter measure, coastal anti-submarine warfare, maritime security and force protection as well as its bare workboat configuration.

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