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New Lead At Our Spray Shop

NORCO - October 21, 2020 - 0 comments

Simon Baker Takes Lead At The Spray Shop - NORCO Composites & GRP

We caught up with our new spray shop supervisor, Simon Baker:

“As you may or may not be aware of, I have only recently taken over the spray shop from Chris Wood who has gone to our facility at Winfrith to assist them in their set-up. I am sure he will be a huge help with his experience and knowledge. I am on my second term at NORCO as I worked here just over 5 years ago in both finishing and at the old spray shop in Unit 33 but left to set-up the paint department for the RNLI in Poole.

It has clearly been a very strange year for all of us with lockdown and the Coronavirus as we are all feeling the after effects of the situation, however with a lot of hard work from the team in the office we appear to have come through with a healthy work schedule. I am lucky to have a strong team of six to work with and we are in the process of recruiting to expand further.

We have recently started doing the 9X hardtop for Princess which has two option: one of them being a real challenge with 3 different colours to include a styling blade at the AFT end which to date has been in electric blue and very impressive to look at.

Looking forward, I am confident that we can build from the foundation that is in place and increase work throughput as we are in the process of getting a price to change our small spray booth for a larger one to match the other workshop.”

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