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Reverse Advent Calendar Initiative

NORCO - December 7, 2023 - 0 comments

Reverse Advent Calendar Initiative - Norco Composites & GRP

This festive season, Norco Composites & GRP is proud to announce our support for the Poole Food Bank, launching a unique initiative from 27th November to 20th December.

Embracing a novel approach, we are organising a reverse advent calendar. This initiative flips the traditional advent calendar concept, focusing on daily donations of essential items rather than receiving. Over the 24 days leading up to Christmas, our team members will contribute various items to be collected in large donation boxes.

The Poole Food Bank plays a pivotal role in supporting local families, especially during the holiday season. Our initiative aims to contribute to this vital support system, understanding the significant impact it has on those in need.

We are concentrating on gathering non-perishable items, including UHT milk, cereals, coffee, tea, tinned goods (fruits, meats, vegetables, puddings, beans, tuna), pasta, rice, and washing up liquid.

In line with our commitment, Norco Composites & GRP will double every donation. We will also include festive items like Christmas puddings and selection boxes to bring additional cheer.

While this initiative is an internal effort, we hope it serves as inspiration for others. Whether through similar campaigns or individual contributions, every effort counts towards supporting our community.

We believe in the importance of giving back, especially during the festive season. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to community engagement and support. This Christmas, let’s all do our part in supporting those in need in our community.

Poole Food Bank - Norco Composites & GRP

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