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Resin Infusion



Resin infusion is a composite moulding process whereby the liquid resin is drawn a stack of dry fabrics by the aid of vacuum pressure, and in doing so impregnates the laminate. We have applied resin infusion techniques for a wide variety of composite parts and tooling where it suits the process.

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The use of a re-usable bag is a great way to reduce landfill waste when producing the same part time and time again. We manufacture in-house our own re-usable vacuum bags for production parts and offer this as a service to external customers wanting to productionise their components.

Some advantages of resin infusion and why you might chose it:

  • Reduced styrene emissions
  • Improved laminate performance over hand layup.
  • Repeatability and consistency between parts (weight and dimensional properties)
  • Cost efficient for thick glass laminates.
  • Ambient process so thermal expansion of tooling is not an issue.

We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation if you are considering the manufacture of a component in this process, or are looking at converting from a hand laminated process.

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