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The Moulds or ‘Tooling’ used to give composite parts their form can be produced from an extensive range of materials dependant on a number of factors. Part complexity, surface quality, operational temperature range, part quantity and lifespan requirements and finally project budget can all normally influence the design and materials used to produce composite tooling.

Norco has provided tooling for all manner of applications in the composites industry. Some examples of the range of tailored tooling solutions we currently manufacture and supply are as follows:

- Pre-production prototype tooling
- Direct tooling for limited volume production
- large volume composite tooling
- High temperature carbon tooling
- RTM tooling
- Automated wind energy tooling
- Large scale industrial and production boat-building tools
- Metallic tooling

Whilst the above provides some examples of the types of tooling we manufacture, composite tooling can be manufactured and processed to suit almost any manufacturing requirements. We specialise in providing innovative and cost effective tooling solutions to meet the client’s requirements and budget.


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GE Toolv2
Automated Tooling Small
Prepreg Tooling Small
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