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The design and engineering team at Norco specialises in delivering tailored composite solutions to meet strict weight limits, strength or stiffness stipulations, deflection limits, fatigue resistance and often budgetary limitations where necessary. In undertaking bespoke composite engineering, we look to collaborate with the client and the end user at every stage of the design process to ensure delivery of a product which satisfies all of the key requirements, delivered on time and within budget.

Our experience in advanced composite tooling solutions in particular, allows us to refine a production solution to optimise quality, longevity, accuracy and cost to suit the specific project requirements.

Some examples of design and engineering services which we regularly undertake are as follows:

- Conceptual Design Development
- Material Selection
- Laminate Design
- Composite and Metallic Tooling Design
- Process Engineering
- Structural Analysis from First Principles
- Finite Element Analysis
- Thermomechanical Analysis and Testing
- Production Drawings & Process Plans
- Validation and Inspection using Digital Scanning Systems
- Reverse Engineering
- Material Testing and Qualification
- Code and Regulatory Compliance


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Project Engineering
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