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Composite Metal Polished Finish

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Composite Metal Polished Finish

Leading property developers St George commissioned us to manufacture three unique 14m long canopies, to be installed on the flagship One Blackfriars development in Central London. The project called for us to build the canopies to look like polished metal features, but were lightweight and robust enough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

The direct tooling was designed and manufactured to provide the final visual surface contours as well as dimensional references and structural joint details.

A metal coating consisting of 95% metal powder and a resin binder was sprayed onto the tool to give the final part a polished finish. Canopies were constructed from a composite glass fibre laminate with a closed cell structural foam core infused in a vinylester resin. A resin-infusion process was used to manufacture the panels, providing a high quality, void free laminate without excessive quantities of resin.

Careful consideration was given to joining the whole structure to give the appearance of a single-piece metal structure. Special fittings were designed to enable the canopies to be installed, but then removed to retain the smooth polished finish of the structure.

The three canopies were installed on the front of the main residential building, providing a fitting entrance to this prestigious development.