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Flotation Tanks

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Flotation Tanks

We work with Floatworks, a specialist health spa based in the centre of London who use I-Sopods as a form of relaxation therapy. The I-Sopod is essentially a fully enclosed unit with body temperature maintained high salt content water, which allows the body to be completely buoyant giving the feeling of weightlessness.

We have built a relationship with Floatworks when they approached us with a prototype unit which required developing into a cost effective production item. We used our composites R&D background to develop the concept whilst producing master patterns and moulds. The original product had suffered from Osmosis and was generally very heavy, so we altered the laminate specification to employ carbon fibre hoops which maintained the structural integrity whilst reducing weight.

We also modified the resin, fibre and gelcoat specifications to allow NPG gelcoats, EGlass laminates and Vinylester resins to remove any risk of long term Osmosis, whilst maintaining a cost effective build. We undertook the product testing at our GRP base to ensure the first units performed as specified, and now complete the entire assembly process in house with all lighting, pumps, gas struts installed for simple site installation – a rare service from a composite component manufacturer. The I-Sopod has now become a real success for Floatworks whom are now selling them worldwide directly into the public and commercial sectors; hence demand has been increasing allowing us to provide a dedicated production cell to cope with the order levels.

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