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Helicopter Doors & Liferafts

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Helicopter Doors & Liferafts

We were approached by a local branch of the Cobham Group to support them in a bid to supply Helicopter door & liferaft containers to their customer Bristow Helicopters. The Container & Door mouldings were manufactured here at NORCO to Aerospace standards and approved under Cobhams Part 21 approval. We qualified Phenolic & Epoxy prepregs for the manufacture of the parts and defined the layup processes which were cured at 125°C in our high temperature curing oven. Vacuum bag processes out of autoclave prepreg materials were qualified in order to achieve the same part quality as traditionally you would expect from autoclave processing.

Being an aerospace component which has to comply to strict regulations we provide full traceability on all materials, oven cure profiles and lamination procedures. After painting & assembly the doors & containers are retrofitted onto Bell 412 Helicopters which operate predominantly over water.

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    Cobham PLC

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