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KU Band Naval Radomes

Composites Defence & Communication

KU Band Naval Radomes

We were selected by Airbus Defence & Space to support them in a program supplying a series of Radomes for Singapores latest high technology 80m 1250 tonne Littoral Mission Vessels.

At NORCO, we provided design for manufacture support in the development of the design and undertook the supply of patterns, moulds and components. The Radomes were made from prepreg with a honeycomb core, tests were done to ensure the dielectric properties of the laminate met with RF requirements of the Radome which were very carefully laminated to ensure minimal ply overlaps.

The mould tools were designed for 360° rotation in the horizontal axis while being laminated to assist the operators with careful ply placement.

The Radomes were painted in our spray shop facilities utilising methods we have developed to ensure low dielectric loss by minimising paint film thicknesses.

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    Airbus Defence & Space

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