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Metal Coated Tooling

Composites Mould Tooling

Metal Coated Tooling

One of the key offerings from us at NORCO is solutions to customers tooling requirements. From years of R&D we have developed a process to produce high temperature tooling with tg’s in excess of 140°C which in addition includes a metallic surface coating for considerable surface hardness and tool longevity. The surface can also be repaired and polished.

Customers have reported taking over 500 parts from the tools without traditional surface degradation from composite tooling.

In one contract we supplied a suite of tooling for volume manufacture of large Radome panels made from prepreg cured at 138°C. The tools were made using our metallic coating process and a prepreg system and cured out of autoclave. These were shipped to the USA in containers and have since reported to have exceeded expectations compared to the large heavy aluminium tools that were previously used.

This metal coating technology has also found itself applied to architectural structures as a cosmetic feature in applications such as the Blackfriars Canopies.