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Military Work Boats

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Military Work Boats

We have been commissioned with the build of 34 Atlas Elektronik’s Vahana boats and their modules. The process to fabricate the first module was undertaken by our highly skilled employees in the Composite Centre to the following steps:

  1. Creation of a mould. The glass fabrics were laid into the mould, while controlling the overlaps to create a lightweight part.
  2. Vacuum Setup. The mould was lined with a vacuum bag and connect the infusion pipe work. The setup was checked for vacuum integratility before drawing the resin through under vacuum. This method provides greater control of the resin-to-fibre content and also improves consistency in the final product.
  3. Resin Injection. The resin took 30 minutes to be injected into the moulding. The video below shows the process.
  4. Resin Curation. The vacuum bag was left in place while the resin cures. This process took two hours due to a catalyst added to the resin before the injection process. Even though the resin cured quickly, the module was left under vacuum overnight. This ensures repeatable accuracy of the final moulding.
  5. Completion. The two halves of the module were joined with structural adhesive and checked for alignment. The module was then spray painted with Atlas Elektronik’s signature Admiralty Grey colour and a floor was laid down. The completed module was then ready to be transported to the customer to be integrated with the full system.

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