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Motorsport Telemetry Tables

Motorsport Telemetry Tables - NORCO Composites & GRP Motorsport Telemetry Tables - NORCO Composites & GRP Motorsport Telemetry Tables - NORCO Composites & GRP
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Motorsport Telemetry Tables

In the competitive world of motorsports, every second counts. To provide racing teams with the best possible advantage, NORCO has developed a highly customisable, modular, and portable telemetry table designed for use in garages and pit walls. This innovative solution offers a comfortable plug-and-play workstation for motorsport teams’ data, communications, and computing needs.

NORCO’s telemetry table stands out as the best solution for several reasons. The plug-and-play functionality allows for fast setup and close down, while the customisable design ensures that the table is multi-functional and can meet the specific requirements of each team. Ergonomics play a crucial role in the table’s design, allowing for maximum comfort during extended periods of use. Additionally, the table is designed for sea freight, making it an efficient choice for international racing events.

The project was carried out by NORCO’s Composites division, with Jason Hunt overseeing the process. The team implemented a series of steps to ensure the telemetry table’s success. First, they focused on component design, considering customer requirements, production cost, and ease of manufacture. Next, they moved on to tooling design and manufacture, producing a fully compliant demonstrator with a bespoke customer paint specification. Finally, a design review for volume production was conducted after successful prototyping.

To guarantee the consistency and quality of the product, NORCO designed custom drill and assembly fixtures. These control repeatability of all components and ensure that all ancillary components and attachments fit perfectly.

By planning the design and manufacturing processes around NORCO’s extensive in-house capabilities, the team was able to ensure efficient manufacturing, high-quality product and on-time delivery.

This project highlights NORCO’s ability to adapt technical knowledge to new industries and product requirements.