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Super Yacht Tenders

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Super Yacht Tenders

Pascoe International Tenders is a world-renowned manufacturer of super yacht tenders. Their customers have exacting standards, demanding the highest specification and quality. We are Pascoe’s partner of choice in the supply of composite hulls and decks for the range of their larger Limousine tenders.

Our capability in manufacturing high quality laminate and pre-preg structures is instrumental in delivering the lightweight optimised solutions that meet stringent weight requirements. The use of pre-preg ensures the highest quality structure and laminate.

We customise every boat by using a whole series of unique implants and mould configurations to produce boat shapes specific to each of Pascoe’s customers, whilst minimising tooling costs.

The outer pre-preg skin is laid up and vacuum debulked at room temperature before the application of an in-house CNC cut foam core. The whole boat is then baked overnight at carefully controlled temperatures to cure the outer skin and core before the application of pre-preg inner skin.

The deck and internal structure is manufactured from carbon fibre for further weight reduction, to optimise performance of the vessel.

The tenders are then completed at Pascoe, before sea trials confirm their suitability as the fastest and most stylish pocket superyachts in the world.

The relationship between Pascoe and ourselves is vital. Product details are constantly reviewed and monitored, to ensure the production of high quality parts that satisfy Pascoe’s very demanding customers.

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