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Defence & Communication



Composite materials offer a range of benefits in modern defence applications. The high relative strength and stiffness of composite materials provides the ability to balance weight saving and increased mechanical properties over an equivalent steel structure, resulting in a higher performance component, which is completely customisable to each individual application.

Composite materials can also provide effective ballistic protection in certain applications, while offering significantly reduced weight compared to alternatives such as steel and aluminium. Other properties such as impact and fatigue resilience combined with excellent corrosion resistance make composite materials ideally suited for modern defence requirements.


At NORCO we have an array of experience in defence specific applications spanning from helicopter doors and life-raft release mechanisms, to naval radomes, radar towers, armoured vehicle sub-frames and panelling.

We continue to consistently produce and innovate new products for the satellite and communications industry. Recent developments in composite materials have seen a move to lighter, stiffer and larger satellite dishes, providing more effective deployment for any application. Our knowledge and experience with large, high tolerance industrial tooling has allowed us to consistently exceed expectations and accuracy requirements throughout previous communications projects.

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